From the French phrase meaning "good living" (from bon, "good," and vivre, "to live") Bon Vivant Drinks Co is a carefully and classically restored horsebox that has been professionally converted into a vintage mobile bar.


Ready to enhance any event or party and live up to the phrase, we can supply you with one of life's luxuries - good drinks!


The quality of service, presentation and standard of drinks can make or break an event. With Bon Vivant, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the highest standard of service. 


Bon Vivant can be whatever you want it to be...

Flamboyant cocktail bar, exclusive champagne bar, vintage gin bar, funky way of serving reception drinks. However you want it, it's an interested addition and perfect focal point for any event or party.


Booking Options

We do not charge to hire our vintage mobile bar - it's free! All we require is a minimum spend that is calculated based on your event dates, numbers, etc.


You will find that when booking a mobile bar, there are a few different ways of booking the service. The below options are tried and tested, but should you have anything specific in mind, please do let us know. 


No up-front costs (providing there are 80+ confirmed guests and we are the sole supplier of drinks).

We say ‘cash’ bar but we can also take card payments.

Our standard menu consists of an exciting cocktail list, gins, spirits, beers, ciders, prosecco, champagne & wine. Menus can be tailored/themed to suit your event at no extra cost.


All options for a pre-paid or hosts’ bar are specifically tailored, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ideal for weddings, private events, corporate functions and Christmas parties.

If you want to serve guests once beyond the pre-paid drink or bar tab, we can switch to a regular cash bar to carry on the party in style!


Guests can order drinks throughout the course of your event or party and the tab is settled at the end of the night by the event organiser.

The open bar arrangement can run throughout the duration of your event, up to a certain time/point of your event or up to an agreed cost...after which point a cash bar can commence. 


Enquire as to whether we are available on your event or party date.